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How this spring will look and feel in British Columbia

Spring Outlook 2015: Long-range weather forecast for British Columbia

Dalia Ibrahim
Digital Reporter

Wednesday, March 4, 2015, 2:52 PM - British Columbia will continue the mild trend experienced this winter, with above normal temperatures expected for spring, according to The Weather Network’s 2015 Spring Outlook revealed on March 3.

B.C. is ahead of the pack in Canada, having experienced spring-like weather already in the latter half of winter. Expect March, however to be close to seasonal in temperature.

"It’s been very warm across B.C.," said Chris Scott, chief meteorologist for The Weather Network. "We think some of the Arctic air, at times, is going to back into more of Alberta and B.C. It’s not going to get brutally cold, but not quite as warm as it’s been, relative to normal.”

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This is the temperature outlook for March.

April and May, however, are expected to trend above normal. "We do think the warmth will take over again," Scott said. "So, we’re going to continue this stretch of above-normal conditions, especially for the coast and southern interior." The northeast can expect near normal temperatures.

This is the temperature outlook for March, April and May combined.

When it comes to rain, Vancouver and coastal B.C. are forecast to see below normal precipitation. “We will get Pacific systems from time to time," Scott said, "but below average for the coast, and near normal for the interior.”

There's a downside, however. Less moisture in the winter and a lower than normal snowpack raises concerns about the upcoming fire season.

This is the precipitation outlook for March, April and May combined.

This is the outlook for British Columbia.

CORRECTION: The label on an earlier version of the March map said "precipitation," although the map indicated temperature. It has been corrected.

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