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Environment Canada confirms Kitchener storm damage a result of straight line wind, not tornado

Brief, powerful storm slams Kitchener, Ontario

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Sunday, July 28, 2013, 4:03 PM - A brief, but powerful storm shook isolated Kitchener, Ontario neighbourhoods on Saturday, while downing trees and flooding streets with debris.

For the most part, Saturday's thunderstorms across southern Ontario were nothing to bark about, except for one in particular that turned severe as it crossed Kitchener at about 10:40 PM EDT. 

Storm damage was reported in areas stretching roughly from the intersection of Jack and Patricia across King and Wellington, towards Duke and Louisa. The most significant damage was found in the Cherry and Strange street area. Damage included downed trees, moved storage sheds, as well as a large rooftop air conditioning unit that was removed from a plaza and thrown over 50 metres.

"A cold front was going through the area, that's why there were thunderstorms," explained Gerald Cheng, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. "No watches or warnings were issued by Environment Canada, however we had always known some of the thunderstorms could reach severe limits."

An Environment Canada survey team investigated the area on Sunday and concluded that the damage was caused by straight line winds and not from a tornado. 

It is estimated that the winds gusted to near 100 km/h at the height of the storm. 

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