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After California's devestating Cordelia wildfire, this couple lost almost everything. Find out how their community came together to help Evan and Heather Thornton see their special day.

Bride's wedding day saved by community

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    Daksha Rangan
    Digital Reporter

    Saturday, October 11, 2014, 6:01 PM -

    Heather Thornton lost nearly everything after a wildfire swept Cordelia, California in June.

    Thornton's entire home burned down. But it wasn't only her home that she lost- Thornton planned to have her wedding in her backyard, with a date fixed for only a few months later.

    "We lost everything," Thornton said. "I was like, there's no way we can have the wedding at all."

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    Thornton's home was the only property that burned down during the fire, ABC News reports. The only item she didn't lose was her wedding dress.

    As Thornton's story spread, community members generously contributed to help her conduct her wedding.

    "It's like the community just took care of us when we needed it," said groom Evan Thornton. The local church provided a new venue for the couple, and a photographer offered his services without charge.

    "It's overwhelming, 'cause you can't really feel unloved," Heather Thornton said. "It's everything I've been waiting for."

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