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Erosion exposes human remains in Ingonish

Dalia Ibrahim
Digital Reporter

Tuesday, April 29, 2014, 8:39 PM -

Municipal Councillors in a small town in eastern Cape Breton are looking for help from experts in an effort to save a 200-year-old cemetery from being washed out to sea. 

The issue came to light on Easter weekend when a passerby spotted bones and a skull protruding from an embankment near Ingonish. 

In an interview with, grave caretaker Hector Murphy said this year has been particularly bad due to the excessive rain.

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"It happens every spring. The spring is the worst time, but it can happen any time," he said. 

Warden Bruce Morrison says erosion has been ongoing problem for the United Church cemetery, where up to 40 graves have been washed out to sea over the years. 

Victoria County council is setting up talks with other levels of government to come up with a solution.

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