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The start of the week will be a hefty one for people northern Ontario and their Prairie neighbours. See when it starts.

Blizzard, winter storm warnings ahead of storm in Ontario, Manitoba

Dalia Ibrahim
Digital Reporter

Sunday, March 30, 2014, 9:05 PM -

We wish we could say that this was an April Fool's joke, but Mother Nature doesn't play those types of games. 

Parts of northwestern Ontario and extreme southeastern Manitoba are in for a major winter blast courtesy of a Colorado Low tracking up from the U.S. plains. 

What's in store: 

The system starts to move in late Sunday night into extreme southeastern Manitoba and northwestern Ontario, possibly bringing ice pellets or mixed precipitation along the warm front closer to the Superior Shores, and snow to the west into Manitoba.

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The low is expected to intensify through the day on Monday, with heavy snow ahead and west of the warm front, and possible mixing on the Superior Shore lines. 

The heaviest swath of snow is expected north and west of Lake Nipigon -- in regions such as Armstrong and Ignace through to Dryden -- with slightly lesser (although significant) amounts in Manitoba.

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"There is the possibility of rain, freezing rain and snow right along the Western Shores of Lake Superior and along the International border through the day on Monday and especially late Monday into Tuesday," said Weather Network Meteorologist Monica Vaswani. "Thunder bay will likely be along that mixing line throughout that period of time." 

As the system continues to move eastward on Tuesday, it will pull colder air in behind it, likely switching over the areas seeing mixing back into the snow, adds Vaswani. 

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Drivers are being warned of reduced visibility as blustery winds -- up to 70 km/h -- will accompany the snow.

How much snow will fall? 

A swath of 30 to 40+ cm is possible across west of Geraldton, especially north and west of Lake Nipigon, with locally higher amounts reaching the 50 cm mark. 

Geraldton and Thunder Bay could see between 20 and 30 cm. 

"Exact location of heaviest snow will depend on track of system," continued Vaswani. "Areas closer to the Superior Shore line could possibly see more rain/freezingrain/ice pellets, and thus less snow, if the track of the storm pushes even slightly westward, as these areas are right on the mixing line." 

In southeastern Manitoba, meanwhile, the system moves in Sunday night with snow starting light and picking up through the day Monday into Tuesday. 

"There will be blizzard conditions with extremely low visibility throughout the event, but especially through mid to late Monday," said Vaswani. 

Blowing snow may still be an issue after the system departs on Tuesday mid-day.

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Is southern Ontario at risk? 

Current models indicate that this system will impact mainly those in the northwest, but a touch of rain isn't out of the question for the GTA. 

"The system moving through northwestern Ontario Tuesday will bring some light rain to the GTA, just in time for the drive home." 

For a full list of watches and warnings, visit our Alerts page.

Be sure to check back as we continue to monitor this developing system.

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