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Blame the incoming unsettled weather on an "omega block."

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Friday, October 18, 2013, 2:16 PM -

We've been talking about a significant shift in the weather pattern for much of Canada over the next couple of weeks - and the reason why is an uncommon phenomenon called an "omega block."

A ridge of high pressure is currently parked right off the B.C. coast, forcing the jet stream up into the Arctic before it curves back down into Canada, bringing cold air along with it.

"It provides a good chunk of the country with a stationary weather pattern through the end of October and early November," Monica Vaswani, a meteorologist with the Weather Network, said Friday.

That high pressure area flanked by two low pressure systems is known as an "omega block" due to the horseshoe shape it forces the jet stream to take.

The weather it brings to much of Canada will most certainly be colder, although as for whether individual days will be dry or rainy, that won't become clear until a few days prior.

On the plus side, Alberta and B.C. will be mild and fair for much the same period, as meteorologist Doug Gillham writes.

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