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We're not exaggerating. See how far Alberta's temperatures will fall.

Big Chill: Alberta temperatures are set to plummet

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    Daniel Martins
    Digital Reporter

    Monday, August 18, 2014, 10:02 AM - Alberta hasn't broken many heat records this summer, and this week "heat" won't even be a word that applies to much of the province.

    A cold front sweeping down into the Prairies on Tuesday will leave some very chilly temperatures in its wake, according to Weather Network meteorologists.

    Chilly northwesterly flow from an upper level trough will be coupled with cloudier skies and rain that will limit daytime heating.

    "Temperatures will plummet well below normal for Alberta on Tuesday and Wednesday, and continuing 15-19oC for highs throughout the week, with bouts of precipitation," Weather Network meteorologist Tyler Hamilton said early Monday morning.

    Here's what's in store for Edmonton, for example:

    But of the two major cities, Calgary is in for the worst, with a forecast high on Friday of a mere 12oC, ten degrees below normal.

    This after a season which has brought relatively few days of temperatures above the 30oC mark.

    As for the cold front, that's going to bring some rain to the region, along with a risk of thunderstorms on Tuesday.

    That risk is mostly expected to be non-severe, and it seems at the moment that central Alberta will likely be spared.

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