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Beware of deer

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    Tuesday, June 4, 2013, 11:59 AM -

    15 collisions between deer and vehicles were reported in Ontario's Wellington County last month.

    Watch for wildlife (Courtesy: CAA magazine)

    Watch for wildlife (Courtesy: CAA magazine)

    Police officials are warning motorists to stay alert, especially when driving at night as that's when the animals are the most active. Wet weather can also be a factor as glossy roads can make it difficult to identify different shapes on the roads. 

    Police say drivers should keep an eye on ditches on the side of the road since deer can suddenly jump out with little or no warning. 

    Drivers are also urged to use high beams when they can and reduce speed as conditions deteriorate. 

    Officials provide these additional tips to avoid any deer collisions.

    • Look out for wild animal warning signs.
    • Pull over to the curb or slow to a crawl if you spot an animal on the road ahead. 
    • Be aware that even if you only see one animal, it may be travelling in a group.
    • Concentrate on your driving. Do not allow distractions to interfere with your focus.

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