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Baron Brings “Beat the Traffic” to TV Stations Nationwide

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    Friday, September 18, 2015, 12:32 PM -

    “Beat the Traffic” Provides Outstanding Traffic Data

    ORLANDO, Fla., September 18, 2015 — Working together in an expanded relationship, Baron and The Weather Network will bring “Beat the Traffic” data and display software to the U.S. television marketplace. This new offering will provide U.S. broadcasters with a price competitive option for high quality traffic information. As a solution, Baron’s critical weather intelligence and Beat the Traffic’s real-time traffic data provide vital information for station audiences during the most critical day parts—morning and evening. 

    Baron first worked with Pelmorex Media in April of this year to provide a  weather graphics system. The system, which was customized for their brands, The Weather Network & MétéoMedia, enabled on-air presenters to share more comprehensive and engaging weather stories, with elements including weather in 3D and hour-by-hour storm evolution.

    “We at Pelmorex Media are thrilled to be expanding our partnership with Baron Weather. This is an ideal collaboration for us since the synergies between traffic and weather information are undeniable,” said Marc Morrissette, VP Market Development, Pelmorex Media (Owner and Operator of Beat the Traffic and The Weather Network). “Our Beat the Traffic broadcast solutions are a perfect complement to Baron’s powerful weather graphic tools and together we provide our broadcasting clients with enhanced time-sensitive, accurate traffic and weather information that viewers can rely on.”

    Through this relationship, Baron is now bringing a best-in-class traffic service to broadcast stations all over the United States. Beat the Traffic provides real-time viewing of traffic flow, travel times and incident detail combined with terrain and 3D city models to keep viewers informed of the latest traffic conditions. Baron’s powerful weather graphics system incorporates the Beat the Traffic signal as a video source for easy display, and allows stations to tell a unified weather and traffic story during the key times audiences are planning their daily activities.  

    “Audience viewing trends consistently rank weather and traffic reports as the most important elements of a weathercast,” said Mike Mougey, Vice President of Broadcast sales. “We were very impressed with the accuracy of the data, the graphics and the ease of use of the Beat the Traffic system. Combined with Baron’s powerful critical weather intelligence, the solution makes for a powerful storytelling tool.”

    About Pelmorex Media Inc.

    Celebrating 26 years, Pelmorex Media Inc. is the parent company of The Weather Network, MétéoMédia, Eltiempo.es and Wetterplus.de. Pelmorex operates in Canada, the US, Spain, the UK and Germany. The Weather Network and its French counterpart MétéoMédia are Canada's most popular weather and information services on TV, web and smartphone apps. Eltiempo is Spain's leading multiplatform weather information provider. Pelmorex also operates Canada’s National Alerting Aggregation and Dissemination System (Alert Ready) which aggregates and distributes emergency alerts issued by authorized government agencies.  Pelmorex has been named one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies for nine consecutive years.

    About Baron

    Baron’s meteorological hardware, software and data are indispensable tools for organizations, businesses and individuals critically impacted by weather conditions. Baron’s world-class scientists are continuously inventing new and more effective ways to collect, interpret, package and display real-time, hyper-local meteorological information so that those who depend on the most precise weather intelligence for their safety and livelihood have access to professional decision-making solutions. Baron delivers Critical Weather Intelligence when precision matters. For more information, visit http://www.baronweather.com.

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