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Australian police shoot crocodile that nabbed boater

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Sunday, June 8, 2014, 1:37 PM - An Australian man snatched by a crocodile is feared dead after police shot a crocodile in the same area and found human remains in its stomach.

The AFP and ITN (see the video above) report the 62-year-old was taken from his boat while on a river in a national park in the country's Northern Territory, while horrified relatives looked on.

Territorial police shot two saltwater crocodiles in that area, and one of them was found to have ingested human remains. They have been sent for testing to verify they are from the missing man, but police say the animal was within 2 km of the site of the attack.

That animal was around 4.7 m long. Native to Australia, saltwater crocodiles are the largest crocodilian species, growing up to 7 m in total length.

Crocodile expert Graeme Webb told AFP that crocodile attacks in Australia's cooler winters are unusual. The last fatal attack this year was in January, peak summer, when a 12 year old boy was killed in the same park.

They're protected by Australian law, and AFP reports there are up to 100,000 saltwater crocodiles in the country.

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