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Whether cloudy or clear, Canada's skies weren't quite Monday night. Here are our best viewer-submitted photos.

Auroras, fork lightning mix in wild night for Canadian skies

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Tuesday, June 23, 2015, 10:45 AM - Whether cloudy or clear, Canada's skies weren't quiet Monday night.

Southern Ontario was lashed by severe thunderstorms well into the early morning hours, with at least one potential tornado spotted and plenty of localized flooding. Even Alberta had a bit of a light show due to storms.

Meanwhile, parts of the country that weren't seeing storms, like Quebec, Labrador and the Prairies, were treated to more tranquil views: Stunning auroras, as charged particles from the sun impacted the atmosphere.

Whether stormy or glittering, the shutterbugs among The Weather Network's viewers were out in full force to shoot the skies. Here are the best shots they sent in to us (and if you're a camera whiz, upload your photos to The Weather Network's galleries).

Stephane Cote, Saguenay, Que.

Ryan Gulyaprak, London, Ont.

Francis Lavigne-Theriault, Winnipeg, Man.

David Rees, Hamilton, Ont.

Lee Asplund, Brooks, Alta.

James Mills, Oakville, Ont.

Neil Simmons, Labrador City, Nfld.

Darcy Calkins, Antler Hill, Alta.

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