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August long weekend: Who's celebrating?

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    Friday, August 2, 2013, 12:56 PM -

    The August long weekend is upon us, but not everyone will be celebrating this holiday.

    Every province and territory observes the first Monday of August as a holiday except for the Yukon, Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador.

    Enjoy the long weekend safely

    Enjoy the long weekend safely

    While these areas will conduct “business as usual” on Monday, the August holiday will still be enjoyed at a different date in some places.

    The Yukon celebrates Discovery Day on the third Monday of August, and in Newfoundland, the holiday takes place on the first Wednesday of August. On that day, most Newfoundlanders gather for the Royal St. John's Regatta.

    For the rest of the country, the August long weekend is usually the most popular time for summer travel. Canadians flock to beaches, cottages and even resorts or hotels.

    Eager vacationers are urged to pack their patience as many main roads and highways will be jammed. 

    Police officials in Ontario say the summer heat can also frustrate drivers, so it's important to remain alert, focused and safe at all times. Packing a safety kit which includes water, food and sunscreen is also recommended as you never know how much time you'll be spending in the car.

    Highways, trails and waterways will be the main focus for authorities this Civic Holiday long weekend. 

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    You can find more long weekend safety tips here.

    The holiday celebrated in each province: 

    • British Columbia (British Columbia Day) 
    • Alberta (Heritage Day)
    • Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan Day) 
    • Manitoba (Civic Holiday) 
    • Ontario (Simcoe Day) 
    • Nova Scotia (Natal Day) 
    • New Brunswick (New Brunswick Day) 
    • Prince Edward Island (Natal Day)
    • Northwest Territories (Civic Holiday)

    Who is celebrating the August long weekend?

    Who is celebrating the August long weekend?

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