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More than 1,500 still without power 5 days after N.B. storm

CBC News

Thursday, November 8, 2018, 9:11 AM - It's been five days since a major wind storm hit the province and more than 1,500 NB Power customers are still without electricity.

Close to 1,000 of the customers affected by power outages are in the Fredericton area.

"All of the larger outages have been restored and we are now working on the more remote customers," said Marc Belliveau, spokesperson for NB Power. "Our strategy now is to attempt to reach the longest outages [those who have been out since Saturday]."

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The strong winds on Saturday night knocked out power to roughly 100,000 households across the province.

The utility said more than 300 crews from New Brunswick and outside the province are working to restore power on Thursday.

(The utility said trees and branches have fallen on many power lines, particularly in the Fredericton area - Shane Fowler/CBC)

"In locations where the outages have been restored, the crews have been moved to areas that still have outages," said Belliveau.

NB Power expected most of the power outages to be restored Wednesday night.

The utility has said a few rural areas wouldn't get power back until Thursday, because power lines are in areas that are harder for crews to access.

Belliveau said a weather system that happened overnight on Tuesday, also impacted an additional 1,000 NB Power customers that weren't initially affected by weekend outages.

"Trees that may have been laying on wires in remote areas that weren't shorting out the lines, finally did short out the lines," he said.

"Or in some cases trees or branches that had been hanging near the lines and damaged since Saturday, finally toppled onto the lines."

This article was originally published on CBC.ca.


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