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The system is passing through. See what's coming behind it this week.

Atlantic Canada sees snow, rain

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Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Sunday, February 2, 2014, 6:12 AM -

Atlantic Canada had another messy night Saturday, with snow and rain lasting into Sunday for many areas.

Snowfall warnings were still in effect for northwestern New Brunswick, but those were dropped in the early morning hours Sunday, and amounts across the region were relatively light.

The system manifested as rain and at-times a rain/snow mix over parts of southern New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

But the snow will end over New Brunswick as the morning wears on, but is expected to continue in Newfoundland through the day Sunday.

The Maritimes, in the meantime, are switching over to rain, which will wash its way east through the day, eventually reaching the southern Avalon peninsula by the evening.

Once that system finally moves out, Atlantic Canada will be below seasonal in terms of temperatures.

This system was part of three that are targetting eastern Canada in the early days of February.

The next will make itself felt in southern Ontario Tuesday night, and will move on to the East Coast on Wednesday.

Here are some estimates on where the snow could fall heaviest:

We've had plenty of time to watch that system's approach, and meteorologists at The Weather Network are continuing to crunch the numbers on what the storm's final form could be.

Watch the video below for an analysis by Doug Gillham and Jaclyn Whittal:

TUNE IN: We'll have ongoing TV coverage of the coming storm, and you can also read Chief Meteorologist Chris Scott's analysis.

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