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IN PHOTOS: The power of Atlantic Canada's fourth nor'easter

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Sunday, March 25, 2018, 9:40 AM - This March in Atlantic Canada is likely one that won't soon be forgotten as a string of nor'easters have taken a hefty toll (see the photos below) on the region.

With the coastal system moving its way north this weekend, the beleaguered region will finally get a bit of a break - at least from the rain and heavy snow. That doesn't mean this storm has missed Atlantic Canada completely, however, as strong winds have been lashing lNewfoundland and the Maritimes through the weekend.

Weather Highlights

  • Gusty winds peak Sunday around 100 km/h, then diminish through Sunday night
  • Damage to buildings and power lines expected. Blowing snow will reduce visibility
  • Next system could bring several days of large waves mid to late next week.

These strong winds are being driven by a low pressure system passing offshore to the east of the region - mercifully giving Atlantic Canada a pass rather than yet another direct impact, but whipping the region with potentially damaging wind gusts all the same.

As a result, Environment Canada has issued a wind warning for southern and eastern Newfoundland.

Peak winds are expected through the afternoon or early evening on Sunday. Gusts of close to 100 km/h are expected for exposed coastal regions in Newfoundland, with gusts in the 60 to 80 km/h range expected elsewhere.

Watch below: Strong wind gusts increase through the weekend

Up next - large waves

Although conditions will be chilly this weekend, it will remain dry through early next week.

"We are watching a large and slow moving storm over the Atlantic next week, which will remain well offshore for much of the week, but some rain is expected mid to late week as the outer fringes of the system impact the region," says Dr. Doug Gillham, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. "Also, several days of large waves can be expected for southern coasts."

IN PHOTOS - Fourth nor'easter

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WATCH BELOW: Canadian woman helps prickly porcupine trying to climb snowbank

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