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A series of disturbances, including the merging of Gabrielle with a low pressure system, will bring significant rainfall amounts to parts of eastern Quebec and Atlantic Canada over the next few days.

Atlantic Canada braces for heavy rain, possible flooding

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    Friday, September 13, 2013, 7:25 AM -

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    All eyes on Gabrielle

    After weakening to a tropical depression overnight, Gabrielle regained tropical storm strength Thursday morning. 

    As Gabrielle begins to track northward, its tropical moisture is expected to be drawn toward a frontal system, which is currently over New Brunswick, prompting the rainfall warnings for the region.

    According to the Canadian Hurricane Centre, a second area of heavy rain could reach the south shore of Nova Scotia Friday morning. 

    "The rain is expected to spread to the rest of the Atlantic coast, eastern Nova Scotia, PEI and western Newfoundland later in the day," said the CHC in their statement Thursday morning.

    The storm centre itself is not expected to have much of a direct impact on the region, as most of its energy will go into strengthening the existing frontal trough on Friday.

    The CHC says what's left of Gabrielle's circulation will likely clip eastern Nova Scotia late Friday then move into southwestern Newfoundland by Saturday morning. 

    Wind and storm surge 

    Due to the likely scenario of Gabrielle being absorbed, winds do not appear to be a major factor. 

    "Though at times the winds will certainly be gusty as are with many low pressure systems," adds Dayna Vettese, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. 

    Significant storm surge is not expected either, although heavier surf over eastern Nova Scotia and Cape Breton as well as southern Newfoundland are possible Friday night and Saturday.

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