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Meteorologist Jaclyn Whittal explains why earthquakes are common in parts of the world.

Reports indicate 85 dead in Philippines earthquake

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    Tuesday, October 15, 2013, 1:17 PM -

    At least 85 people have been reported dead in the aftermath of a 7.1-magnitude quake that struck the Philippines early Tuesday.

    Around 69 of the fatalities are on the island of Bohol in the central Philippines, where the quake was centred 2 km away from the town of Catigbian, which is home to 23,000 people.

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    But deaths have also been reported in Cebu province, across the strait, including at least four of the dead killed when part a fish port collapsed in Cebu City.

    The roof of a market in Mandaue also collapsed, injuring 19 people, according to TV reports.

    Photos from Cebu broadcast on TV stations showed a fallen concrete 2-story building, and reports said two people were pulled out alive, including an 8-month-old baby.

    Bohol Gov. Edgardo Chatto told the Associated Press that a church was damaged in the town of Tagbilaran, where one person was reported injured as part of a city hall collapsed.

    "Right now we are in the streets because it is unsafe to be inside, Maryann Zamora told CNN by phone from Cebu City, 37 km away, where she reported glass and concrete in the streets.

    At least 10 aftershocks have been reported so far, along with major damage to local structures.

    The quake struck a little after 8 a.m. Tuesday morning local time, on the national holiday Eidul Adha.

    There is currently no threat of a tsunami.

    The quake was centered about 619 kilometers south-southeast of Manila, near Catigbian, and its depth was 20 kilometers, according to the U.S. Geological Survey said.

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