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Astronaut Reid Wiseman's inspiring enthusiasm and amazing photos wow us from the edge of space

Scott Sutherland
Meteorologist/Science Writer

Monday, June 2, 2014, 1:46 PM - When Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield returned to Earth, there was hope that other astronauts heading to the International Space Station would pick up where he left off, and continue the amazing stream of images that he gifted to all of us 'trapped' down here on the Earth's surface. We haven't been disappointed, and Reid Wiseman, an American astronaut that just arrived on the station on May 29, is the latest to take up the effort over social media.

The enthusiasm and awe that Wiseman feels being in orbit is infectious, as he shares his experiences over Twitter and also shares the incredible view afforded by his vantage point.

Wiseman has had some adapting to do ever since he arrived. Becoming a spaceling, as Hadfield put it when he was up on the ISS, does strange things to our bodies. Fluids get redistributed, leading to weird feelings, day to day. The body's system of balance tries to get used to the lack of gravity, making the person rather clumsy. According to his Tweets (@astro_reid), Wiseman is going through this too, but he's also getting better (with his latest messages mentioning that his appetite has returned). This is great for him, and it's great for us. The last thing we'd want is for his enthusiasm to waver, as he might stop providing us with pictures like those above, and this slightly more whimsical one.

For more great photos from space, follow Wiseman on his Twitter feed, @astro_reid, or the NASA Astronauts Twitter feed @NASA_Astronauts.

(All images courtesy: NASA)

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