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Asteroid scheduled to pass Earth

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    Monday, July 22, 2013, 1:10 PM -

    The above video is animation of an asteroid that is scheduled to pass Earth July 22nd at about 9pm eastern time. This asteroid was discovered only days ago by Pan-STARRS in Haleakala, Hawaii and is estimated to be the size of a football field. 

    This 56-130 metre wide asteroid will make a close path to Earth while travelling at a speed of 28.57 km per second. It is also considered to be a Near-Earth object (NEO). That is, it is an asteroid being pulled in by the gravitational attraction of nearby planets into our orbit. NASA uses this Near-Earth object program to detect and catalogue objects while also reporting objects that might be potentially hazardous to the public. 

    You can watch this NEO live on Slooh tonight. 

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