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Artist makes cool (and expensive) indoor storm cloud

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Wednesday, July 2, 2014, 4:18 PM -

From the department of "please just take my money," we have this: An indoor 'storm cloud' that you can sync to your favourite tunes.

The brainchild of New York-based artist and designer Richard Clarkson, this thing, called, simply, the "Cloud," comes with the hefty price tag of $3,360 and is a combination lamp and speaker system.

"Using motion sensors the cloud detects a user's presence and creates a unique lightning and thunder show dictated by their movement," Clarkson writes on his website.  

Clarkson says the system can stream music through the system using any Bluetooth compatible device. It even has night light and music reactive modes.

The whole get up is made by "felting hypoallergenic fiberfill to a sponge casing that forms the frame of the cloud, holding the speakers and componentry within", but if you just want the cloud, that's going for only $960 in Clarkson's store.

The invention has been making the rounds on websites such as Geek.com, and Clarkson says it relies on "sensors and code," part of a wave of more effective tools used by designers to produce new reactive products.

"Advances in physical computing and interaction design hardware over recent years have created a new breed of smartobjects, which are gaining more and more traction in the design world," he writes.


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