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Are you ready? Only five days till fall

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What season is it?

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    Tuesday, September 17, 2013, 9:58 AM -

    Sweaters, Thanksgiving and everything pumpkin. The fall season is quickly approaching.

    For some, the change in seasons can't come soon enough, while others refuse to believe that summer is almost gone.

    What's with the weather?

    Whether we like it or not, the change is coming this Sunday, although Mother Nature may have some different ideas.

    "In Canada, seasons don’t tend to turn off for good. Fall is known as a transition season, and for good reason," says Weather Network meteorologist Rob Davis in his latest Insider Insight. "During the fall season, both summer and winter can infiltrate. Sometimes they can both make an appearance within the same week." 

    That helps to explain the weather battle currently being felt across the country. 

    In the Prairies, summer heat continues to hang on with temperatures about 10 degrees above normal in some areas. 

    So far this September, both Calgary and Edmonton have seen nine days with temperatures at 25°C or higher. 

    Things got even hotter in Saskatchewan on Monday as daytime highs soared above 30°C in places like Kindersley and Leader.

    It's a different story for areas farther east, where extra layers and car heaters have been used. 

    Chilly morning temperatures stretching from Ontario to New Brunswick have residents scrambling to dig out a fall jacket. 

    They've also prompted Environment Canada to issue frost warnings for some areas over the past several days. 

    "The good news is, temperatures are rebounding later this week and by Thursday, above seasonal conditions will actually be felt in parts of southern Ontario," says Gina Ressler, another meteorologist at The Weather Network. 

    Still, Ressler adds it could always be worse as some parts of the country have reported snow! 

    Looking back through historical records, the fall season can be full of different weather extremes

    Be sure to stay prepared by checking your local forecast and find more details in the 2013 Fall Outlook.

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