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A stretch of chilly weather is expected across southern Ontario, with some parts of the province already seeing snow. Snow squall warnings are also in place in southern Manitoba. Are you ready?

Are you ready for winter weather?

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    Tuesday, October 22, 2013, 6:07 PM -

    Lake-effect snow squalls dumped up to 20 cm of fresh snow in some areas of southern Manitoba Monday night through Tuesday -- and there's potential for another 15 cm of snow to fall through Wednesday.  

    "Late October into November is prime time for lake-effect snow in southern Manitoba, since the lakes are still quite warm, but the temperature of the air flowing over the lakes can be very cold," explains Gina Ressler, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

    "In fact, the Manitoba lakes are currently running at about 8°C, which is much warmer than the cold air mass situated over Manitoba this week. The temperature difference between the water and the air aloft creates a layer of instability, and if the winds align in the right way, lake effect snow squalls can develop downstream."  

    First snow fall of the year in Gilmi, Manitoba (courtesy: Clint Kennedy)

    First snow fall of the year in Gilmi, Manitoba (courtesy: Clint Kennedy)

    According to Ressler, lake-effect season in Manitoba comes to an end when the lakes begin freezing over in late November.

    A fresh blanket of snow fell across parts of northern Ontario as well and a snowfall warning remained in place for areas including Geraldton, Manitouwadge and Hornepayne through Tuesday.

    Residents in southern Ontario managed to escape this latest wintry blast, but a stretch of cooler weather is expected for the remainder of the week. 

    "Considering we've been above normal for most of October, this will be the coldest air of the season so far this year," says Brian Dillon, another meteorologist at The Weather Network.

    In the City of Toronto, single digit highs are expected through Sunday with overnight lows dipping to 3 to 5°C.

    "Colder air and winds coming down out of the northwest could also result in some lake effect flurries for areas north of the GTA Tuesday and Wednesday night," adds Ressler. "Flurries are less likely to reach Toronto, but there's a slight chance for some lake effect rain showers in the city."

    Ready or not, the winter season is approaching and motorists are urged to prepare for deteriorating conditions.

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