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Will spring finally arrive in Ontario, Quebec this coming week? We discuss

April snowiest month of Toronto's cold weather season

Leeanna McLean
Digital Reporter

Monday, April 11, 2016, 11:54 AM - We are less than two weeks in and for the first time on record, April has been the snowiest month of the cold weather season at Toronto's Pearson Airport.

As of Sunday, the city has picked up 20.3 cm of snow this month which is more than December and January combined. Though snowy Aprils are not uncommon in Toronto, it has been quite a while since forecasters have seen numbers like this. The last time the city saw more snow in April was in 1979, when 25.8 cm fell during the month.

In addition, Toronto set a record low for the day, dipping down to a brisk minus 9oC. It was the lowest temperature recorded in the metropolis since 1985 when it was minus 7.2oC, according to Environment Canada.

"While we have had snowier Aprils, there was always a winter month that brought more snow than April. So, while April 2016 has been much snowier than normal, this record was also made possible by the lack of snow during the true winter season," says The Weather Network's Dr. Doug Gillham.

If you are sick and tired of shovelling and wearing extra layers, forecasters say this may be winter's last hurrah.

While it will remain well below seasonal over the next several days, a massive ridge of high pressure looks to build this weekend over Ontario and Quebec, with the possibility for temperatures to hit the mid-teens. This will be accompanied by an extended period of dry weather for the Great Lakes.

However, while southern Ontario is headed into a warmer pattern, back and fourth swings in temperature are normal and should still be expected, adds Dr. Gillham.

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