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Another stormy couple of days for the Prairies

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Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Sunday, May 25, 2014, 6:20 PM -

Those toasty temperatures in the Prairies over the last couple of days were the fuel for thunderstorms Saturday afternoon and evening.

"Nickel-sized hail, gusty winds, frequent lightning and downpours were associated with these storms," Weather Network meteorologist Kelly Sonnenburg said early Sunday morning. "Some parts of southern Manitoba are still seeing storms rumble through."

While large parts of Manitoba and Saskatchewan were at risk for severe thunderstorms on Saturday, any storms that develop in the region Sunday are expected to be non-severe.

"The highest risk areas for today are through southern Manitoba, parts of southern Saskatchewan and along the foothills of Alberta," Sonnenburg said.

In terms of how much rain those storms could bring, Sonnenburg says it will mostly be scattered showers, with increasing rain in the afternoon through central Alberta, thanks to a developing low.

That province will see an expanded chance of non-severe storms, along with much of southern Saskatchewan.

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Neat shot: a circumhorizontal arc
Hail arrives in eastern Ontario, some areas see pea-sized accumulations

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