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Angry bird attacks on Parliament Hill

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    The Canadian Press

    Thursday, May 30, 2013, 9:44 AM -

    A red-winged blackbird who's taken up residence on Parliament Hill has been swooping at passersby. 

    Male red-winged blackbirds have been known to attack people during breeding season.

    The rogue bird swoops down repeatedly on pedestrians, trying to dive into their hair.

    Heather Bradley, who works in the Speaker's office, said Parliament Hill has seen previous bird attacks, notably last summer near the East Block. And in July 2011, there were reports of red-winged blackbirds attacking people jogging along the Rideau Canal. 

    Scientists say male red-winged blackbirds fiercely defend their territory in the breeding season, often spending more than a quarter of the daylight hours chasing away other birds and people.

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