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A behind the scenes look at Allan Hawco's visit to The Weather Network. You have to see this!

A look at Allan Hawco's visit to The Weather Network: Our next weather presenter?

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    Thursday, November 21, 2013, 1:04 PM -

    Allan Hawco, most recognized from his lead role as "Jake Doyle" on the CBC hit TV series, "Republic of Doyle" made a special guest visit to The Weather Network on Wednesday.

    Being a Newfoundlander himself, it was only natural that we put his weather skills to the test, especially with a large system currently hitting the province.

    From a weather briefing to presenting a forecast in front of the green screen, Hawco certainly proved he's a man of many talents.

    Here's a look at our visit with the star:

    The weather briefing begins...

    "I'm ready for this!"

    Deep in thought while getting the latest on Newfoundland's storm

    Allan had Chris Mei in fits of laughter

    Meteorologist Gina Ressler trying to keep things under control

    Suzanne Leonard snaps a pic

    The last look before hitting the studio...you ready?

    It's like a whole new world in front of the green screen

    Allan: Is this where we look for the script? 

    Chris: There is no script. 

    Allan: So how do you know what to say?

    Chris: That 15 minutes we just spent with the meteorologist, that's my script for the weather story I'm about to tell. 

    Mike Arsenault stops in to say "hello" 

    Still trying to get over this no script thing!

    The camera is on and he's a natural

    Thumbs up for Allan's fellow Newfoundlanders

    Allan: I'm assuming that big L on the map is not for love?

    Chris Mei, are you trying to flex your biceps?

    The roles are reversed. Allan tests Chris on Newfoundland weather terms

    Digital writer Andrea Bagley asks about his craziest weather experience...


    Looking right at home. A future in weather for Mr. Hawco?

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