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As the fires still burn see some of the latest images.

Alberta wildfires prompt evacuations

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Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Wednesday, July 16, 2014, 5:10 PM - Canada is in the midst of one of the worst wildfire seasons in history, with thick haze prompting health advisories over parts of western Canada.

Alberta officials have announced an evacuation order for some communities as crews struggle to contain the flames.

"A serious fire near the BC Alberta border has caused a state of local emergency and evacuation order to be declared by MD of Greenview No 16," reads a statement on Alberta Emergency Alert.

"The evacuation area is south of the Wapiti River, West of Nose Creek to the BC Border, west of Gunderson Creek to the BC border, north of Twp 61 ... No other communities in Greenview are under this evacuation order."  

Residents in affected areas are being advised to evacuate immediately.

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"Close doors, windows and vents. Prescribed burns and/or fires are occurring," the statement says.

"Seek medical attention if you experience breathing difficulties. Take all necessary precautions."

Meanwhile, more than 150 fires are burning in the Northwest Territories, with 15 listed as out of control or being held.

Below-seasonal rainfall has led to  dry conditions in Alberta, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories creating prime conditions for wildfires.


A developing low could bring rain  and cooler temperatures to parts of Alberta Thursdays.  Hot temperatures are staring to wane in British Columbia as well.

"Temperatures are not expected to be as hot as previous days, but it'll still be very hot," Weather Network meteorologist Monica Vaswani said Wednesday morning. 

"The first sign of rain in B.C. is expected on Friday. This will allow temperatures to moderate as well into the weekend."

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