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Moments after these photos were snapped, the bride and grooms were drenched.

Alberta storm creates perfect backdrop for wedding photos

Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Tuesday, July 7, 2015, 6:46 PM - Storms rolled into Alberta over the weekend and that created a spectacular backdrop for two area couples as they tied the knot.

The first of two stunning photo submitted to theweathernetwork.com this week comes from Jean Dzubin, taken in Calgary. 

Under the photo's caption Dzubin says the photographer was able to capture the stunning photo before bride Helen Knight and groom Owen Chan were 'caught in a deluge of rain and hail.'

The image has since gone viral, garnering the attention of several media outlets.

According to Global News Calgary the rain began about a minute after the image was taken by photographer Cassie Molyneux.

The couple was drenched, prompting the quick-thinking bridal party to grab hair dryers to fix the outfits of the bride and groom once indoors.

The second photo comes from De Winton, taken during the Saturday wedding ceremony of Errilynn and Guy Young.

"It was beautiful," photographer Riana Lisbeth tells The Weather Network.

"You could see the storm coming in."

Remarkably, the rain held off until after the wedding and the couple managed to stay relatively dry.

The winds were a bit of an issue though, threatening to topple the flower-adorned altar. 

While the bride was "a bit nervous" about the storm, Lisbeth says the groom "didn't care".

The couple, however, was thrilled with the photos.

"[Errilynn] said she was blown away when she saw them," Lisbeth says.

Sources: The Weather Network | Cassie Molyneux | Riana Lisbeth | CTV Calgary

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