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Despite being four hours apart Edmonton and Fort McMurray saw drastically different weather Tuesday night.

Alberta runs the gamut of bizarre weather

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    Doug Wallace
    Special to The Weather Network

    Wednesday, July 3, 2013, 12:30 PM - Contrary to the hail witnessed in Edmonton, AB, residents in Fort McMurray, AB, experienced a gorgeous sunset and rainbow Tuesday night - despite being just four hours apart.

    The rough weather conditions began for residents in Edmonton, who endured a hailstorm Tuesday that left hail the size of golf balls. But despite this extreme weather – including the storm which injured a dozen at a summer camp in Edmonton – other parts of the province have been fortunate enough to experience some calm in the storm.

    The nice weather should continue through Thursday in Fort McMurray, although Friday and the weekend may see some thunderstorms and light rain.

    To follow more of the wild weather in Alberta this past June, watch the latest segment of This Month in Weather in the tweet below.

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