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Here are a few ways you can help stop the spread of earthworms, courtesy of the university of Alberta:

1. Don’t dump earthworm bait on land or in water (earthworms can survive in water for days). Instead, save it for your next trip or throw it in the garbage. 

2. Clean the tire treads on your vehicle or ATV when moving to a new location in order to remove earthworms and cocoons.

3. Avoid moving leaves, mulch, or soil between sites unless you are sure they do not contain earthworms or cocoons.

4. If you use earthworms for composting and live in a remote area, freeze the compost for a week to a month before using it outside. This should kill the earthworms and their cocoons.

You can also help scientists learn more about the distribution of earthworms in Canada by reporting invasions to Canada Worm Watch.

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