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Air Canada's first Dreamliner lands in Toronto

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014, 8:44 AM - "Everything you dreamed of."

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Air Canada is showing off the newest addition to its fleet this week.

The airline’s first Boeing 787 Dreamliner completed its first flight on Sunday landing at Toronto’s Pearson airport.

According to The Canadian Press, the flight was carrying 100 of the airline’s employees and was given a water cannon salute as it taxied to the terminal.

"Air Canada’s first new route to be operated with the 787 Dreamliner will be Toronto-Haneda in July, and the first existing route to be converted to 787 Dreamliner operation will be Toronto-Tel Aviv scheduled for Summer 2014," the airline's website reads. "Air Canada will announce its plans for additional deployment of the 787 at a later date."

What does this mean for passengers?

Although the aircraft promises to offer passengers greater comfort, aviation experts say it likely won't be a cheaper ride.

Air Canada has ordered 37 of the new passenger jets with a total cost of $6 billion.

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According to Air Canada and Boeing, the 787 is quieter, lighter and 20 per cent more fuel efficient than similar-sized planes, and has up to 45 per cent more cargo capacity, the CBC says. It will also allow Air Canada to offer more direct flights to less-populous international destinations, which is very appealing for frequent flyers.

Since being unveiled in 2007, Boeing has had to sort out some "teething troubles" with the 787.

"A fire on one of the jets parked in Boston last year forced a redesign of the 787′s batteries. And in February, an Air India Dreamliner had to make an emergency landing due to a software malfunction," The Canadian Press says.

Since then, Boeing has made some changes to the aircraft's systems and a joint report from Boeing and the U.S. government concluded the 787 was soundly designed and met its intended safety level.

Air Canada is offering media tours of the jet later this week.

With files from The Canadian Press

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