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Aggressive beaver scares swimmers at B.C. swimming hole

File photo courtesy: Pixabay.

File photo courtesy: Pixabay.

Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Friday, July 29, 2016, 4:26 PM - An aggressive rodent named 'Justin' beaver has been attacking swimmers and pets at a popular Port Alberni swimming hole this summer.

It's caused quite a stir among residents, with many fearing for their safety.

“He’s got some pretty big ferocious claws and teeth,”  Fiona Gibson, who was once charged by Justin, told CTV.

“He came at me! I was surprised, it’s not something you expect from a beaver or a rodent."

Apparently Justin is well-known in the area, so much so that he's caught the attention of B.C. conservation officers. He's known to attack anyone who ventures onto "his" property, which appears to be the entire riverfront area.

Four years ago Justin attacked Max, a dog belonging to resident Mark Thompson, leaving the animal with a gash on its abdomen.

People who frequent the swimming hole at Port Alberni say something needs to be done about Justin's bad attitude.

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"I’m afraid for the children’s safety mostly, and for the dogs, because if it gets them in the water that’s where he’ll attack them,” Gibson told CTV.

“On land he’s a little fat and slow.”

Animal experts say Justin is just doing what beavers do and he's acting in self defense.

They have no plans to relocate the beaver.

The best way to stay safe around an aggressive beaver is to avoid the animal and keeps pets leashed. Beavers can be extremely aggressive and have sharp teeth that can inflict significant damage.

In 2013, a 60-year-old man was killed by a beaver when he attempted to photograph it while on a fishing trip. 

Witnesses say the large rodent bit the man on the leg, severing an artery that caused him to bleed to death.

Source: CTV


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