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There's a cooldown behind this system, though some will be spared.

After Prairie snows, Arctic air moves in

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Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Saturday, April 12, 2014, 6:35 PM -

Most snowfall warnings had been dropped in the Prairie provinces by early Saturday morning, although some remained in Manitoba.

The system that moved through Alberta and Saskatchewan is affecting that province the hardest Saturday, with amounts up to 10 cm in some locales.

Amounts elsewhere in Manitoba and Saskatchewan will be lower, however, and most areas affected by the system overnight and on Friday recorded amounts of less than 5 cm.

The snow in Manitoba should be done by Sunday morning as that system moves through on its way to Ontario.

Behind it, Arctic air is making its way through the region, already making for cooler temperatures in the Prairies on Friday.

Alberta, by contrast, was noticeably warmer, with the highest temperatures in the south Friday.

Unlike the rest of the Prairies, where below-zero temperatures are expected well into the week, Monday in Alberta could see temperatures in the high teens by Monday in the south, before gradually falling to near-zero. 

They should begin rising again on Thursday. 

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