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...after Labour Day is the start of school in most of Canada, including Ontario. Here's a look at what to expect.

After Labour Day: Your back to school forecast

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Monday, September 1, 2014, 8:44 PM -

Labour Day is always a little bittersweet, if you are a student or parent.

On the one hand, a day off is always welcome, but on the other, you know what's coming next: Back to school after a (hopefully) idyllic summer.

And unfortunately, in southern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area, we don't have a rosy forecast to ease you into the transition.

Not only will the humidity of the last few days persist well into the first week back at school, a system moving through will bring showers and thunderstorm chance for most of the day across southern Ontario, beginning overnight.

That system, a passing cold front, is already set to bring storms through parts of southern Ontario even on Monday, and cloudy skies greeted many early risers in the southwest.

Although any storms that do pop up aren't expected to be severe, people in the areas of Sarnia, Windsor and Chatham could see a few isolated severe storms, with the biggest threats being hail and strong winds.

Thunderstorm risk will be much more widespread across southern Ontario on Tuesday.

The thick humidity will make it feel warmer than 30 in most areas, but on the flipside, the effect may be lessened by cloudy skies on Monday and Tuesday, perhaps hampering daytime highs enough to limit the effects.

Wednesday, by contrast, is expected to be clear, and thunderstorm risk isn't likely until Thursday. The humidity, meanwhile, is looking like it should finally dissipate by the weekend.

Northern Ontario, by contrast, will spend Labour Day in temperatures either at, or a bit below, seasonal temperatures, although the rains of the past weekend still have a bit to fall by Tuesday.

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