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The wind chill warning has been lifted for the GTA. How warm with the weather get?

After deep freeze and snow squalls, temperature swing on the way for southern Ontario

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014, 7:44 PM -

A bitterly cold Arctic airmass has gripped much of Ontario, resulting in major travel complications across the province -- but relief is on the way.

It couldn't come at a better time: On Tuesday, several communities hit new record low temperatures, including places like Windsor, Sarnia, London and Hamilton -- with wind chill values ranging from -30 to -45. By Wednesday, conditions had started to improve. That trend is expected to carry through to the weekend, where some places could see temperatures rise significantly. 

In southern Ontario and Atlantic Canada, double-digit highs are possible, while the Prairies could see temperatures hover around the freezing mark.

"A light at the end of the tunnel," says Weather Network meteorologist Doug Gillham. "We'll see an intermission to this winter weather pattern we've been experiencing. Not necessarily a full thaw ... but temperatures close to freezing will feel great."

"Temperatures are on the rise as we get a small reprieve from the bitter, winter cold. Warmer air will flood its way north from the Gulf of Mexico leaving Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada above normal through the weekend and early next week," says Weather Network meteorologist Dayna Vettese. "Mild Pacific air will keep the southern Prairies slightly above normal as well."

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Unfortunately, the trend will be short-lived.

By the end of next week, a large trough will move over the country, creating the potential for cold air once again, Vettese says.

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