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The National Hurricane Center in Miami says that as of Sunday morning, only remnants of Karen remain

After days of lumbering toward Gulf Coast, storm system Karen dissipates

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    Monday, October 7, 2013, 5:13 PM -

    After days of lumbering toward the U.S. Gulf Coast, the system that was Tropical Storm Karen has dissipated.

    Forecasters expect what remains to continue moving generally east over the next day or so. The storm could still bring the potential for strong wind gusts and localized coastal flooding over portions of the coast, with accumulations of 25 to 75 mm in the forecast.

    On Sunday, much of the Gulf coast began calling off preparations and evacuations as Karen weakened and stalled. 

    "Tropical Storm Karen has dissipated in the Gulf of Mexico," said Weather Network meteorologist Elena Lappo. "It still has a lot of moisture with it, which is tapping into the Colorado Low that has helped bring moisture into southern Ontario." 

    This past week, the United States has seen the full gamut of wild weather -- from tornadoes, to snow storms, to heavy rain. 

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    Weakening Karen en route to Gulf Coast
    Full gamut of wild weather for the U.S.
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