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The arachnid dug into the man's body and survived for three days

A spider story that makes your skin crawl—literally

Friday, October 17, 2014, 3:43 PM - It wasn't the souvenir this young Australian man expected to bring back from Bali.

Three days after returning home from his vacation at the Indonesian island, Dylan Maxwell posted on his Facebook page that he had a spider removed from under his skin, where it had survived for three full days.

The spider left a red scar as it traveled across Maxwell's body before settling just above his stomach.

Maxwell described the pain as a very hot searing burning sensation. "It was like nothing I've ever felt before."

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He had initially visited a doctor in Bali who prescribed antihistamine medicine, assuming the scar was the product of an allergic reaction to an insect bite.

It wasn't until he returned home that doctors were able to run tests and find the tropical spider than had been living inside him for the last three days.

They pulled the arachnid through Maxwell's navel and kept it in a specimen jar. Or at least so Maxwell contends.

After the story went viral, allegations of the story being a hoax kept popping up. According to some experts the behaviour demonstrated by the spider is highly unusual and unseen in nature. 

While Maxwell posted on his Facebook page—where he goes by Dylan Thomas—that he has never "felt so violated" before, the event has at least earned the young Australian a fun new nickname: Spider-man.

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