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It happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Tuesday. No one was hurt, but thanks to the two canines, traffic was backed up and their owner's truck is badly damaged.

A runaway pick up truck with two dogs at the wheel

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    Wednesday, February 26, 2014, 12:41 PM -

    When Tulsa Police and Fire got the call that a truck had crossed a busy road and landed in the Arkansas river bank, first responders immediately assumed a person was driving.

    But this time, that was not the case.

    "Apparently it was knocked out of gear by one of the dogs," officials say.

    Dogs we now know as Roscoe and Luna.

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    They took their owner's truck for a drive down the top of a hill.

    "Two boys on skateboards saw the vehicle leave from in front of the residence and they did try to catch up with it with no luck and watched it cross Riverside and on down to the river bank," police confirmed.

    The truck owner said when he crossed the front of the house and noticed his truck wasn't there, he thought to himself, "did I get towed?"

    The truck missed drivers on Riverside Drive and runners on the trail.

    Roscoe and Luna didn't have a scratch, but the truck sustained all of the damage.

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