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Paranormal investigators pick up strange readings at a haunted house in Halifax.

A real haunted house?

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    Nathan Coleman

    Thursday, October 31, 2013, 9:16 AM -

    Rumour has it that Evergreen House in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia is haunted!

    Built the same year as confederation, it was home to Canada's first lady of folklore.

    Helen Creighton wrote Bluenose Ghosts and the ghost of her father still shows up from time to time.

    “He’s apparently appeared at the front door and we have had some paranormal investigators in here as well who have had some strange readings on their equipment too,” says Evergreen House Curator, Crystal Martin.

    Creighton would dress up like a witch every Halloween to hand out candy to the neighbourhood kids. 

    She also claimed three knocks warned her to duck under covers before the Halifax explosion.

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