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A blizzard and -45 wind chills, you don't want to be here

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    Friday, March 18, 2016, 12:00 PM - "It is just downright nasty outside. I hope there is no work." That's what Weather Network viewer Connie Nowdluk had to say about the blizzard conditions in Iqaluit Friday morning.

    It's the third blizzard to hit the area in just two week's time, forcing closures and the suspension of municipal services. Officials with the city of Iqaluit advised people to stay home if they could.

    According to CBC, all First Air flights in and out of Iqaluit were cancelled for the day and the Qikiqtani General Hospital is open for emergencies only.

    "A disturbance intensifying over the Labrador Sea gave strong northwest winds of 50 gusting 70 to Iqaluit yesterday with visibilities of 800 metres in blowing snow since early afternoon," said Environment Canada in a blizzard warning issued for Iqaluit Friday morning. "Winds strengthened slightly at 4 a.m. and visibilities dropped to the blizzard criterion of 400 metres."

    Similar conditions are expected to prevail throughout the day Friday before slowly improving around the midnight hour.

    "Travel is expected to be hazardous due to reduced visibility," EC warns. "Protect yourself from wind, cold and disorientation by staying sheltered, indoors or with your vehicle."

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