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5 running tips for all weather conditions

Rachel Schoutsen
Presenter, The Weather Network

Friday, May 20, 2016, 3:00 AM - Running makes me happy. No matter what the weather, you will find me out there logging kilometers and training for the next race. 

Now, polar vortex February days, okay I’ll skip the run! However, if we prepare for the elements running in any type of weather is possible.


Studies have shown that it is impossible to freeze your lungs by breathing in cold air. So layer up, grab the gloves and run in the cold. 


Running in the rain can be very refreshing! Use this tip to protect your smartphone.


I love the heat! However, running when it is too hot can be exhausting and dangerous as dehydration comes quickly. 


Just a little research can go a long way! I’m always looking into wind speeds and directions as I plan my runs. 


Sunny day, calm winds, temperature around 15°C , that sounds perfect! 

I hope you have enjoyed these running tips & thank you so much for all the support for Camp Ooch as I ran the Sporting Life 10k. 

If you are just getting into running, try this. 

Run outside in one direction for 5 minutes. Then, turn around and run back home. You have now completed a 10 minute run! 

Each week extend your time by 1 minute. 

It seems easier when you think of it in this simple way. 

If you ever want to chat running, you can find me on twitter @RachelSchoutsen

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