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5 places to watch for active weather around the world

Monday, June 10, 2013, 5:07 PM -

It would be easy to complain about the recent gloomy weather in southern Ontario, but this past week has been much worse for many places around the world. From flooding in Europe to tropical storm Andrea going up the Atlantic coast, there has been a great deal of weather activity.

Here are five places that experienced some intense weather this past week.

1. Magdeburg, Germany. On Sunday, water levels reached a peak of five meters above normal in this area. This led to over 23,000 people in the city and the surrounding area being forced to evacuate. The flooding only seems to be getting worse as the Elbe River breached another levee early this morning.

2. Budapest, Hungary. The Danube River, which is adjacent to the Elbe River, has reached a record height of 8.91 meters. This has resulted in record flooding in Hungary and caused the city to be put under a state of emergency last week.

3. Florida. As tropical storm Andrea made its way up the coast, it hit Florida with high winds and heavy rain. Officials confirmed that there were 8 tornadoes across the state as a result of the tropical storm. There were also many vehicles that were stalled due to flooding. In Aventura, Florida the Miami Herald reported 70 vehicles being stalled on the roads.

Satellite imagery of tropical storm Andrea (courtesy: NASA)

Satellite imagery of tropical storm Andrea (courtesy: NASA)

4.  Sri Lanka. This past weekend monsoon rains killed at least 27 people. There are reportedly 29 fishermen who are still missing. The monsoon brought with it extremely strong winds that took down trees, destroyed over 100 houses, and damaged approximately 2,185 other buildings.

5. East Coast, Canada. Andrea continued to trail along the Atlantic coast and bringing with it high winds and rain. In Newfoundland, Sagona Island experienced winds as high as 82km/h while the Wreckhouse area (which is notorious for high winds) reached over 115km/h. Meanwhile New Brunswick had its fair share of rain, getting over 90mm in Grand Manan Island. The stormy weather also knocked down power lines which left thousands of people without power. 

Watch active weather videos here.

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