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2,200 Saskatchewan flood evacuees start heading home as water recedes

The Canadian Press

Wednesday, July 3, 2013, 3:35 PM -

The only road to a northern Saskatchewan community evacuated because of flooding has reopened and people are starting to go home.

About 2,200 people from Cumberland House and the Cumberland House Cree Nation had to leave more than a week ago as rising water threatened the area.

Duane McKay, the province's emergency management commissioner, said the first group of evacuees was being bused back Wednesday.

Concern that the road would be washed out and supplies couldn't get in was one of the reasons the community was evacuated.

McKay was also warning people to be careful about significant debris on Lake Diefenbaker.

Floodwater from Alberta flows from the South Saskatchewan River into the lake, and McKay says trees or other debris might be floating just below the surface.

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