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Octopus snatches crab from rock, drags it into the depths (WARNING: Language)

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Tuesday, February 24, 2015, 10:03 AM - The crab was fast. The octopus was faster.

What starts out as a video of a sedate crustacean basking in the sun beside a rockpool becomes a tentacled nightmare as an octopus leaps from the depths at around the 0:18 mark.

The crab tries to escape, and the eight-armed hunter actually chases it across the rock, snatching it before it can escape into another pool.

The octopus could just slide into that pool and enjoy its snack. But no. The other pool is apparently more to its liking, so it drags the struggling crab right back across the rocks into its original hiding place, hauling it out of sight into its doom.

Porsche Indrisie shot the video in Western Australia, and you can see she struggles to keep her balance as she tries to get a better angle on the one-sided encounter.

The smart, agile octopus looks tranquil in aquariums, but it is, in fact, a deadly and adaptable predator, fully capable of going the extra mile for a meal.

They've even been known to attack waterbirds (one of them bagged a seagull in 2012), but they don't win every battle, and one octopus was captured on the losing end of a battle with a seal.

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