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Suzanne Leonard

Suzanne's warm and intelligent presentation has been a mainstay of The Weather Network's broadcast schedule since 1998. Her passion for communication, meteorology, news and lifelong learning make a winning combination for this broadcaster. Suzanne has traveled extensively across Canada and overseas including Europe, India and Australia, and incorporates that first hand knowledge into her presentation. She has an extensive broadcast career which includes 10 years with TVOntario's Gemini Award-winning current affairs and children's programs. Suzanne holds a bachelor's degree in Radio and Television Arts from Ryerson University. Catch Suzanne on weekday afternoons on The Weather Network.
MWS sunset

Heritage rivers tell fascinating stories

N river whirlpool

Beauty and history in Niagara Falls

Edmonton river valley

Four-season fun in Edmonton’s River Valley

Hopewell rocks

AMAZING hikes, from coast to coast

UGC northern lights.png

Time Lapse Tuesday: Northern lights

Toronto Harbour

Sail, canoe and explore Toronto


Time Lapse Tuesday: Celebrate Ottawa

Krissy and Gavin

How to: Best long weekend cool off spots

timelapse terra sacra.png

Time Lapse Tuesday: Terra Sacra

Suz on tyrell

Dinosaurs and Hoodoos in the Badlands


Time Lapse Tuesday: The LA commute

Twitter- WHales

Our best whale watching spots


Canada's 'best kept secrets'

Mike Stewart fishing

Canada’s National Fishing Week


Canadian locale offers thrill of a lifetime


Outdoor Report: Canada’s most famous park


Outdoors: Famous bison and fragrant flowers


Toronto like you've never seen it

Suz portaging

Outdoor Report: Call of the wilderness


Time Lapse Tuesday: A year on Mars

Suz cape split

Outdoor Report: Fossil Hunts and Cliff Hikes

TLT - Australia.png

Australian super storms


Outdoor Report: Glaciers and Gardens

toicestorm - may 20, 2014.png

Time Lapse Tuesday: Toronto ice storm


Outdoor Report: New feature!

Shanghai - rob whitworth.png

Time Lapse Tuesday: Explore Shanghai


Time Lapse Tuesday: Explore London

plants timelapse - april 22 2014'.png

Watching plants grow

KL - April 15, 2014.png

Time Lapse Tuesday: Discover Malaysia


Time Lapse Tuesday: Chasing ice

NASA SUN - March 24, 2014

Time Lapse Tuesday: Earth 'the size of a nickel'

Dec 22 Ice build up Tottenham ON Ginette Stone VV

So how bad WAS winter in the Toronto area?

van time lapse - march 17, 2014

Time Lapse Tuesday: Beautiful Vancouver

Behind the scenes

Time Lapse Tuesday: Behind the scenes at TWN

Time lapse Mojave desert

Time Lapse Tuesday: The Mojave desert


Time Lapse Tuesday: Dinosaur Provincial Park


Time Lapse Tuesday: Around the world

nightsky - TLT - feb 10, 2014

Time Lapse Tuesday: A breathtaking night sky

TLT13 - Feb 3, 2014

Time Lapse Tuesday: Breathtaking Yosemite

time lapse - jan 27, 2014.

Time Lapse Tuesday: Journey aboard the ISS

Death Valley - TLT - Jan 20, 2014

Time Lapse Tuesday: The stars in Death Valley

Shawn Reeder - TLT.

Time lapse Tuesday: Visit New Zealand

time lapse tuesday

Time Lapse Tuesday: Hawaii's Mount Haleakala

NYC time lapse - dec 30, 2013

Time Lapse Tuesday: Tour the Big Apple

Hawaii - Dec 23, 2013.

Time Lapse Tuesday: Hawaiian landscapes

haboob - dec 16, 2013

Time Lapse Tuesday: Arizona Haboob

TLT - Sandy - Dec 9, 2013.

Time Lapse Tuesday: Re-visiting Hurricane Sandy with Michael Marantz

Monsoon season - tlt - dec 2, 2013

Time Lapse Tuesday: Arizona's monsoon season

time lapse - Nov 25, 2013.

Time Lapse Tuesday: Beautiful New Zealand

Fog in San Fran - Nov 18, 2013

Time Lapse Tuesday: Watch the Bay Bridge disappear

Time lapse Tuesday - Nov 11, 2013

Time Lapse Tuesday: The beauty of Oregon

Artist Weather disasters

'We are at the mercy of weather...'


The magic behind lightning and sand

Quick fire hydrangea

Adventures in gardening: September

Monarda beebalm

Adventures in Gardening: Water conservation and late bloomers

Hybrid tea rose

Adventures in Gardening: Garden design

Lysimachia MS

Adventures in Gardening: The colour of sunshine

Marmalade Heuchera

Adventures in Gardening: Our favourite things

Oriental poppy

Adventures in Gardening: 'Free' plants and fragrant flowers

Pink columbine

Adventures in Gardening: Happy accidents and height control

Euphorbia martinii

Adventures in Gardening: Container gardening and bug watch

Forget me nots

Adventures in Gardening: The joy of mulch


Adventures in Gardening: Pruning and good soil


Adventures in Gardening: A new 'to do list'

Yellow daffodils

Adventures in gardening: Getting started in spring

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