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Scott Sutherland

With over 10 years experience as a meteorologist and a lifelong passion for science backing him up, Scott Sutherland has focused his knowledge and enthusiasm into a career as a science writer and science communicator. Scott’s weather and science expertise, along with his knack for presenting science in an entertaining and accessible way, gives readers a unique insight into the phenomena that shape our world and beyond. In particular, Scott is passionate about the topics of weather and climate, astronomy and space science - especially human space exploration and our robotic investigation of the solar system. Scott is also committed to presenting the evidence and issues surrounding human-enhanced global warming and the impact this is having on our planet's climate and environment, as well as advocating for clean energy and action to reduce pollution and the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
Raindrops Impossible - MinutePhysics

Raindrops are impossible: The science behind nature's trick

Image from LightSail - Planetary Society

LightSail awakes! Experimental spaceship opens solar sails

MarsPolar - Journey from blue to red

Martian-born babies part of the plan


Head transplants: One doctor's plan to make it happen

Tesla Energy - Elon Musk

Elon Musk unveils 'missing piece' for a clean energy future

Solar Prominence April 28 - NASA/ESA

Watch a giant solar filament lash out like a striking cobra

Messenger over Mercury - NASA

NASA's mission to Mercury comes to a 'dramatic' end

3D Pillars of Creation - ESO

See Hubble's 'Pillars of Creation' like never before

Jet Contrails - UGC

Clouds left by jets spark protests

Hubble in orbit - NASA/ESA

How to celebrate 25 yrs of a Space Telescope

New Canada map comparison

Here's why Canada's new official map has more Arctic sea ice

Minute Earth Clouds

Science Behind the Weather: How clouds form

Pluto Charon blurriest colour - NASA

It's blurry, but first photo of Pluto is here

BC Fuel Spill - News 1130 Twitter

FAQ: What is bunker fuel, and why to avoid it

Eclipse Full Montage - Griffith Observatory

Missed it? Watch Saturday's lunar eclipse

Catatumbo lightning - Wikipedia

The lightning 'capital' of the world

NASA asteroid capture boulder

NASA to give the Moon a tiny moon of its own

Sea Ice Max, Feb 25, 2015 - NASA

It's Official: Arctic sea ice reaches new low

Warmest winter - NOAA

Earth just had its warmest winter on record

Corrugated Milky Way - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Whoa! Our galaxy just got a lot bigger

Pacific Decadal Oscillation - Wikimedia

Global warming 'false pause'

Curiosity Mojave Science - NASA

The no. 1 science selfie on the Internet

Moon iPhone - Andrew Symes Twitter

How to take awesome photos of the moon

G2 gas cloud around supermassive black hole - ESO

Incredible extremes from the far reaches of the universe

SDO 5 years - NASA

Celebrating five years of staring at the Sun

Nor'easter - March 2014 - NOAA

Weather Science: What is a nor'easter?

Noreaster sea surface temp anomalies -

Nine spectacular maps show nor'easter forming

Dark tornado

Deadly tornado outbreak linked to smoke

Buffalo Snow - Capital Weather Gang Tweet

Science of Snow: Can a roof collapse?


For Science! The Internet on Mars (seriously)

Earth in Infrared - NASA/James Tyrwhitt-Drake

Catch a glimpse of the invisible Earth

Super Saturn exoplanet - Ron Miller

'Super Saturn' could harbour Earth-sized moon


Warmer world, bigger snowstorms. Here's why

US Senate - Wikimedia Commons

Warming acknowledged, but it's not our fault

NASA NOAA 2014 Warmest Year

Global warming marches on

Greenland Ice Flows - NASA Goddard

Greenland's icesheet: Sponge or swiss cheese?

Whirlpool Galaxy M51 - Hubble/NASA/ESA

Milky Way arm goes all the way around

Exotravel Gravity Super Earth - NASA

Plan an exciting interstellar getaway

Southern Lights - Jan 7 - Twitter

'Sneaky' solar storm sparks amazing auroras

Potentially habitable exoplanet - CfA

Astronomers close in on finding Earth's twin

Dec 2013 - Nov 2014 Temp Anomalies - NASA-GISS

Six graphics reveal 2014 as warmest on record

NASA Polar Jet animation

The science of in-flight turbulence

Andromeda Galaxy

What to watch for in space, 2015 edition

NuSTAR X-rays from the Sun - NASA

NASA X-rayed our Sun and turned up a rainbow

AB lightning - July 11, 2013

Thunderstorms spotted blasting out gamma rays

Kepler K2 mission - NASA

Super-Earth is newest find by Kepler 'reborn'

Ancient Earth water underground - UofT

'Sleeping Giant' of ancient Earth water found

June 29 Voyager Thumb

Solar tsunami is longest Voyager has seen yet

Lima Climate Talks - UN COP20

Climate change 'deadlock'

TWITTER- Curiosity

Mars may have been more Earth-like for longer

Solar Ribbon Flare - NASA

Three amazing views of 'weather' on the Sun

Geminid meteor shower - NASA

Geminids: The best meteor shower of the year

Comet 67P gas plumes - ESA

Rosetta comet water unlike anything on Earth

California Drought Satellite Images

Nature-made, but artificially enhanced

TWITTER- UK tornado plane

Luggage overweight? Blame global warming

PHL Habitable planets

The heated search for Earth-like worlds

Hottest October 2014 - NASA

October 2014 goes down as hottest on record

TWITTER - Buffalo snow.png

Snow science: How did Buffalo see 65 inches?

Nature Run CO2 - NASA Goddard

'Nature Run' blankets Earth in carbon dioxide

Beru, Kiribati - NASA

Climate Change: 200 million displaced by 2050

Rosetta-Philae - Welcome to a Comet - ESA

First photos arrive from famed comet landing

Rosetta mission - Philae on the Comet's surface

Big deal: Rosetta comet may explain all of us

Rosetta and Philae at comet

Rosetta comet landing 'ridiculously hard'

Nuri Teleconnections - Wed Highlights

Nuri's fury sets up Canada for Arctic blast

TWITTER- Space selfie

Space Science: The movies that got it right

Birth of Planets - HL Tau - NRAO

Astonishing new view of the birth of worlds

G2 gas cloud around supermassive black hole - ESO

Milky Way's massive black hole has a friend

X3.1-class flare - Oct 24, 2014 - NASA SDO

Angry giant tracks across the face of the Sun


New climate change report is 'grim'

Gravity Experiment - ball vs feathers - BBC TWO

Ball and feather experiment is jaw-dropping

Japan landslide

Landslide! When gravity wins, the earth moves

Salk Polio Google doodle

Google Doodle honours famed polio vaccine

Elon Musk MIT talk - Artificial Intelligence

'Summoning the demon'

Apr 27 tornado outbreak

Deadly tornado swarms are on the increase

Bermuda - Calm Before Gonzalo

The Calm Before the Storm: Does it exist?

NASA JPL Mission Control - Scott Sutherland

Step into the Center of Our Universe at JPL

Sept 2014 Temp Anomalies Hemisphere - NASA GISS

Sept. 2014 is latest victim of global warming

Antarctic Sea Ice Maximum 2014

Antarctic sea ice reaches record maximum

ocean - sept 5, 2013

Alarm raised over ocean acidification

Planetary Society - We See Thee Rise - Oct 1, 2014

How Canadians shaped the space program

UGC eclipse

Rare lunar eclipse visible Wednesday morning

TWITTER- MB flooding

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Sept 28 Volcano

Volcano science: What happened at Mt. Ontake?

President Obama UN Climate Summit - UN Photo/Cia Pak

UN Summit gives hope on climate change action

Mars Science Exploration Rover - CPSX-UWO

Mock Mars mission tests Canadian science

Airbus sensory isolation helmet

Sweet relief for anxious flyers

Hayley Todesco - Stockholm Junior Water Prize

Canadian 'wows' with oilsands project

Sept 9 Snow Not happy

The Science Behind Summer Snow

Volcanado - Nicarnica Aviation YouTube

Volcan-ado spotted in Iceland


'Where the powerful storms now live'

Brain-eating Amoeba - ABC News YouTube

Brain-eating amoeba sparks emergency

Hawking Intel Connected Wheelchair - YouTube

Introducing the 'smart' wheelchair

Space Sex Gecko - Roscosmos

The space sex geckos are dead

Global Warming Pause

Dire warning on climate change

Feb 1 Arda robot

The robots are taking our jobs

Mars Curiosity rover at Windjana - June 24, 2014

Mars takes harsh toll on explorers

Ultraviolet Freckles

Amazing video shows how the Sun sees our skin

NASA Stardust

Canadian helps discover grains of space dust


Troubling rise in Oklahoma earthquake events

NASA Polar Jet animation

Global warming linked to extreme weather


Shark bites: 5 common shark myths

Wind turbine - July 4, 2013

Ignoring wind farm 'clutter'


Genetically-modified mozzies to end disease

ANU Wave Tractor Beam - YouTube

Scientists turn water waves into tractor beam

Aug 3 Ebola

CDC hosts Q and A about 'secret Ebola serum'

LEGO Women in STEM

Playing with LEGOs 'Like a Girl'

Forest Fire

Connection in climate change and wildfires

Rosetta Comet Composite - August 5

How to: Putting a lander down on a comet

Mars Curiosity Selfie closeup

Images from Mars: How do they do it?

Crash skyway

The science of bridge damage

Mars Curiosity rover at Windjana - June 24, 2014

Rovers deliver amazing pictures from Mars

Mars2020 Rover

New rover 'critical step' in journey to Mars

FLEX Cool Flame - NASA-ISS-UC-SanDiego

Eureka: Cool-burning flames on ISS

Artificial Leaf Julian Melchiorri

Man-made 'Silk Leaf' turns light into oxygen

Comet Siding Spring Mars approach

Mars orbiters to 'duck and cover' from comet

Ebola doctors via YouTube BBC

Ebola outbreak 2014: Should we be worried?

Opportunity breaks off-world record

Opportunity breaks off-world driving record!

Asteroid strike

New study: Dino extinction a case of bad luck

EnvCan Sea Surface Temps - July 23, 2014

El Niño update: less 'super', more 'modoki'

Ross Lockwood hitching from Mars

Crew back on 'Earth' after mock Mars mission

Tylenol - labeled for reuse

How does Tylenol work? Surprise! No one knows

Moon Landing, American Flag

Moon Landing: Happen or Hoax?

Mystery crater Yamal Siberia

Mystery crater at 'the end of the world'

climate change - NASA goddard Space Center.png

Worldwide indicators point to warming planet

USGS Mars Geology map

New map of Mars is jaw-dropping

airplane - March 17, 2014.

Secret to beating jet lag unveiled

moon - UGC - June 11, 2014.png2

Biggest full moons of the year

May 20 Venus lightning

Living on Venus might be easy

Hurricane Arthur map - July 3 2014.png

Will Hurricane Arthur be another Earl?

Drone In Flight - Wikipedia

Drone use above the law

Diamond white dwarf star - NRAO/AUI/NSF

Dead star may be a Earth-sized diamond

wall cloud - June 17, 2013

Four most-important words: Stay in the truck!

Exoplanet Beta Pictoris b

Is Pluto hiding a bigger planet?

Obama mocks climate deniers

Obama mocks climate deniers

shark - Hermanus Backpackers - Flickrcreativecommons

Sharks eating sharks (we're serious)

asteroid - nasa - march 5, 2014.

Truck-sized asteroid skims Earth

Ocean Acidification fossil

Oceans acidifying 10x faster than ever before

Coal burning plant - Arnold Paul - June 13, 2013

Canada lags behind U.S. carbon plan

SpaceX Dragon v2 Orbital Flight

SpaceX's Dragon: 5 amazing things

Andromeda Galaxy

Gamma Ray Burst or Bust?

ocean - sept 5, 2013

Global warming's 'evil twin' threatens oceans

Gavin Heffernan meteor shower 1

Meteor storm forecast was a bust

hurricane floyd

Predicting the 2014 hurricane season

Greenland - Mark Robinson - Twitter

U.S. wildfires fueling glacier melt

kepler 2 - aug 23, 2013

NASA's planet-hunter gets second light


Incredible shrinking Red Spot

hurricane floyd

New: Severe storms target coasts, not tropics

Antarctic ice loss Rignot

Glacier melt is 'unstoppable'

NASA SUN - March 24, 2014

Astronomers find Sun's big brother

May 10 Sunset Jim Middleton VV

Climate change: What can Canadians do?

Allergy - June 5, 2013.

First Polar, now the Pollen Vortex? Get ready

Mauna Loa - May 13, 2013.

Dangerous path: CO2 levels skyrocket

Solar Twisters

Solar twisters on the Sun

May 4 Star Wars

May the Fourth: The science of wow

flare2 - May 14, 2013

Powerful solar storm nearly hit Earth in 2012

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Drugs don't work: WHO fear over antibiotics

Flickr Pic

Wilderness WiFi divides Canadians


Tornado outbreak seen from space

tornado outbreak - wikimedia commons - april 3, 2014.

Why is the U.S. Midwest so prone?

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