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Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson is a meteorologist with The Weather Network. Check back often for more of his Insider Insights.
hurricane floyd

Case of the missing hurricanes

Aug 2 Mark Lightning 1

'I nearly died a few nights ago...'

TWITTER- tornado damage

Tornado advice: Avoid the instinct to help

Desert - Moyan Brenn - Flickr

Climate change: The drought that kills cities


A polar bear dip in the world’s coldest water

Robinson Sunset

Surviving the trip to Antarctica


Reporting a 'snowicane'

Mar 15 Plastic snow

Is that snow outside made of plastic?

Iceburg mark robinson

The awe-inspiring Icefjord of Ilulissat

Iceburg 2

'A place unlike almost anywhere else in the world'

Dec 7 Iceberg1

These icebergs are WAY bigger than they look

stormhunter - dec 5, 2013.

Welcome to Greenland!

Mark Robinson - Waves

The magic of Baffin Bay

Boat - Nov 28, 2013.

Life in the north isn't easy

Arctic Day 6:1

The desolate Arctic wilderness


Only 300 left in the entire Arctic


An ice cold pursuit


The beauty of Inuit art

iceberg2 - nov 18, 2013

Up close and personal

Storm Hunters- Arctic2

Those crazy Weather Network guys

Storm Hunters Graphic

Storm Hunters: Monster Hurricanes

Storm Hunters Graphic

Nearly kicked off a Russian freighter

Sandy graphic - Oct 21, 2013

Remembering Sandy: "Screaming into the mic"

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