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Dayna Vettese

Dayna Vetesse (2)
Dayna is a meteorologist and team leader of the meteorological briefing services at The Weather Network. Graduating with Honours with a Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science and a Certificate in Meteorology from York University in Toronto, Dayna joined The Weather Network in 2008. As an avid storm chaser and having chased all across Tornado Alley in the United States and as well as southern Ontario Dayna's interests encompass all weather, but her passion is high-impact weather events, especially summer severe weather such as tornadoes and hail.
Warm winter

Know-It-All guide to winter weather terms

Snow storm graphic scene

'Weather bomb': Why the explosive name?


Disruptive storm threatens Christmas

Huge snowbank

Colossal snowbanks: Not just in Buffalo

Yellow tornado

Canada's twisters: Where's our tornado alley?

Summer lake

Summer so far: Living up to expectations?

Apr 23 Elie tornado Dayna

Quiz yourself: 5 storm chasing myths

Blizzard Canadian flag

Canada claims top spot for worst March weather

heart in snow - UGC

More than love in the air on Valentine's Day

BC cold new

An updated B.C. outlook

Feb 5 Dayna December temp anomalies

Explaining the B.C. cold snap

Orillia snow- Jan30

More snow on tap for southern Ontario

winter - ugc - jan 8, 2014.

Frost quakes, ice storms, blizzards: What's next?

ottawa snow - ugc - nov 27, 2013.

What's left of this east coast storm?

Storm Hunters Graphic

Storm Hunters: Tornado Terror

Sandy graphic - Oct 21, 2013

Tracking the storm

Karen aftermath- Oct10

The 'ghost' of Karen haunts U.S.

Dayna tornado

Are extreme weather events actually increasing...?

Karen visible

Will Karen affect eastern Canada?

Colorado - Sept 17, 2013

Colorado Flooding: Echoes of Alberta

on lightning- july19

Friday’s Severe Weather: Well Forecasted, Terrible Timing

Dayna tornado

Stormchaser: The text message simply read 'alive'

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