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Daniel Martins

Daniel Martins
Daniel started his career as a journalist in 2007, working as a newspaper reporter in the Maritimes before coming to The Weather Network as a scriptwriter and online journalist in 2012. Aside from writing about the weather (it's the one thing everyone has an opinion on!) he LOVES stories about space, climate, the natural world and the weirder corners of history.
16-06-29 Buddha

The stones have eyes: Five weird stone faces worldwide

Aron Ralston

Four horrible things people did to survive

15-04-12 Tashirojima かがみ~

6 islands overrun by animal hordes

15-04-27 Earthquake Graphic

Experts saw Nepal quake coming

Tambora Thumbnail

5 ways Tambora wrecked Earth's climate

wine - Flickr - Uncalno Tekno.

5 climate change impacts on booze

Arizona Humane Society DO NOT REUSE

Six dogs who survived terrible disasters

15-02-24 Crazy octopus

Five signs the octopus are getting smarter


Five weird tunnels from Moose Jaw to Korea

11-11-16 Serbian cathedral Benjamin Jakabek Flickr

The sub-soil life: Six underground cities


Five animals we're saving from extinction

15-01-04 Thumb

2015 Fireballs: Wacky New Year's customs

Flapjack Ed Bowlby, NOAA Olympic Coast NMS; NOAA OAR Office of Ocean Exploration

Hidden depths: 5 weird, hard-to-find animals

14-11-23 TO Blizzard City of Toronto Archives

Blizzards for the ages: 6 crazy snowstorms

Money - Flickr - Andrew Magill - CC.p

Weather of War: Repaying the debt

Oct 13 Windsor tornado

Seven Canadian cities wrecked by weather

Sept 28 Prismatic spring National Park service

Technicolor tranquility: Six weird lakes

Sept 14 Owen Stanley Terror LAC

The Franklin Expedition: What we didn't know

Chris Unrau flood pic july 8 2014.png

Seven biggest summer weather stories

Aug 30 Otavio Marques Instituto Butantan

Snakes and Sulfur: 5 terrifying islands

Aug 17 Hashima Flickr Kntrty

Spooky cities: Five weird abandoned towns

Aug 24 Igor Eye NASA

History of Canadian hurricanes

Aug 4 Beluga Steve Snodgrass Flickr WC 2.0.

Five scientific finds (in weird places)

Hot cities

Is this summer cooler than 2013?

July 27 Heart WC

You won't believe what 3D printers are making

July 20 Platypus TwoWings WC 3.0

Five cute (and super dangerous) animals


Ever see a drone fly through an ice cave?

Apr 19 Coffee

Five foods threatened by climate change

June 28 Thumb

Six terrifying ancient (and extinct) beasts

Calgary flood aftermath2

Raging waters: 13 of Canada's worst floods

Oarfish dissected

Terror from the deep! Five scary sea-beasts

June 8 Hanako WC

Five ridiculously long-lived organisms

May 25 Avrocar

We made our own UFO! Six weird aircraft

May 18 Maya Pavel WC

Six civilizations destroyed by climate change

May 11 Impact event NASA

Asteroids attack! Six tales of meteor impacts


Six people who survived devastating tornadoes

Apr 27 Razor Blade

Six ways to make Earth Week into Earth Year

Apr 13 Lizard Iguana

Six weird Mars photos

Apr 6 MR Iceberg pool

From cute wildlife to stunning iceberg landscapes

Mar 30 X-15 NASA

From super-cars to cats: Six of the fastest things EVER

Meteor Russia recovered Lake

Exploding comets and falling space stations

Space web NASA

From spider-nauts to cosmic beer

Mar 9 Cambridge Brewing Company Flickr

Five pint-sized predators who fear nothing

Mar 2 Rollers Ryan MacLeod VV Dawson Creek

Pick your poison: Snow-nados or ice tsunami

Feb 16 UFO grainy WC

Cattle thieves from space?

Feb 12 Nuclear US Nuclear regulatory commission public domain

Can thorium halt climate change?

Feb 3 Castaway

Six castaways who defied the ocean

Jan 26 Bohol Honeplus WC

So much for 'forever'

Jan 18 Up Helly Aa Anne Burgess Galley WC

Guaranteed to scare you this winter

Jan 05 Io Full planet NASA

One hundred metre snowdrifts

2013 Crop circle

The most-read stories of 2013

Dec 22 Tennessee3

LOOK BACK: Six devastating ice storms

Dec 15 Prism Jim Peaco National Park Service

The whole lake disappeared

Dec 8 Sawshark WC Thumbnail

The shark with a chainsaw for a face

How it Works graphic

How do aquariums feed all those fish?

Dec 1 Woolly worm Liz VV

Winter wisdom: what's the woolly worm say?

Nov 17 Nargis Trees Mohd Nor Azmil Abdul Rahman

History's deadliest storms

Nov 3 Mexicans Silent

Ancient UFOs and underwater people

Oct 26 Mitch Radar

Eight deadly hurricanes: Powerful Atlantic storms that killed thousands

Oct 13 Palm close

Six man-made features you can see from orbit

Oct 6 Space

Climate change? Deploy orbital sunshade!

Sept 25 Arthropleura

When bugs were bigger than people

Sept 22 Zanclean dry

Day the Mediterranean dried up (and refilled)

Sept 8 Cane Toad2

Attack of the giant toads! Seven invasive species

Sept 1 Eaten

Diamonds in the sky: Seven fantastic planets

Aug 17 Nobile

To the North Pole! Seven great Arctic pioneers

July 21 Vesuvius1

Blasts from the past: Eight volcanoes that made history

July 14 St. Hilaire

10 of Canada's worst train disasters

July 7 Albertosaurus

When dinosaurs ruled Alberta!

June 16 Juan

From Juan to Hazel and beyond: Canada's worst hurricanes

June 9 Japan1

7 armies that fought Mother Nature (and lost)

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