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Chris Scott

Chris Scott
Chris first joined The Weather Network as a part-time meteorologist in 1998, and now is Chief Meteorologist and Forecast Operations Manager. Chris leads a dedicated staff of 24 meteorologists who produce thousands of weather forecasts daily for television, web, wireless, and numerous commercial clients across Canada. Chris has a Master of Science degree in Atmospheric and Space Science from The University of Michigan and a Combined Honours degree in Atmospheric Chemistry and Atmospheric Science from York University. Chris' research interests encompass high-impact weather events such as tornadoes, lightning, hail, hurricanes, and winter storms. You can see Chris on The Weather Network during special interviews and active weather coverage.
Arctic ice - August 6, 2013

Weird weather, Arctic melt and why the connections matter

whithurricane graphic - nov 6, 2013

101 years on, Canadians remember the Big One


Hurricane Gonzalo closes in on Bermuda


The science of forecasting snow

Caught in the rain

S. Ontario forecast: 'Anything could happen'

Sept 21 Rain

Could Arthur surprise the Maritimes?


Arthur 'guaranteed' to hit the Maritimes

TWITTER - July 2 2014 - Arthur.png

Atlantic Canada unlikely to escape Arthur

AB lightning - May 8, 2013 - 2

Playing mythbuster on lightning strikes


I saw the very edge of weather


Wednesday snow storm potential in southern Ontario

Thunder bay snow

Confidence grows for S. ON storm next week

Tuesday storm

What's next week's storm potential?

FLICKR- Mild winter

Alberta's Saturday sizzle: Warmest January?

Snowstorm Ontario Jan 4

Messy Storm, Wicked Cold and Shut-down Squalls

Ice storm 1

Dissecting the ice storm

ice storm - UGC - Dec 19, 2013

Weekend ice storm in southern Ontario

Windmill - Vincent AF - Dec 3, 2013 - Flickr

UPDATE: Severe windstorm sweeps across Europe

ON wind- Nov1

Damaging fall wind storm arrives

Desert - Moyan Brenn - Flickr

Major cities uninhabitable by 2049?


Alberta Floods: Why is there so much rain?

Hail swath zoom

Scars from Prairie storms visible from space

July 16 Yorkton Tornado

Chief meteorologist: Was the #SKstorm hype justified?

july outlook - July 2, 2013.

July outlook: It gets better (we promise)


Chief Meteorologist: Seasonal outlooks push the envelope

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